New York Times - February 17, 2002


 Contact or Less?

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 16 As Tricia Dunn of the United States skated swiftly with the puck down the right wing, the German defenseman Jana Schreckenbach drifted from right to left to meet her. With a quick shift of her left hip, Schreckenbach sent Dunn thumping into the boards and sprawling onto the ice of the E Center earlier this week. In the N.H.L., or just about any men's league, this would have been a clean check that might have made a highlight reel for perfect technique and entertainment value. But in women's hockey, the deed earned Schreckenbach a minor penalty.
"It wasn't nice," Schreckenbach said later in an apologetic tone. "It was against the rules." But when asked whether such tactics should be legalized in women's hockey, Schreckenbach quickly replied: "I think yes. The danger to get hurt isn't that big. We are not so heavy like the guys. I think it should be allowed."
Dunn, when asked whether she was hurt by the hit, laughed. "No!" she said. "I went flying, but I got up really quick. Did you see it?" But when asked if such tactics should be allowed, Dunn replied: "No. There's plenty of physical play. To throw that in the element would take away from the skill and finesse we see out there. I think it's great the way it is."...

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